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Founded in 1963, Ngee Ann Polytechnic of Singapore has grown from a private college to a world-class comprehensive government academy. The college is divided into five departments: business, biotechnology, engineering, information technology, and film and television. There are 25 majors and three years of study. All the courses lay the foundation for the future education and career development of the students. Buy fake Singapore University degree certificate online.

Majors offered include: Accounting, Banking and Financial Services, Biotechnology, Biomedical Engineering, Biological Sciences, House and Real Estate Management, Construction Services Engineering, Business Information Technology, Business Administration, Chemical Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics , computer and telecommunications engineering, engineering information, mechanical and electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, multimedia computers, marine technology, logistics engineering and management, and nursing professionals. Buy fake diplomas and transcripts online.

The study of Ngee Ann Polytechnic is guided by the global development trend, combined with unique educational ideas and management experience, reasonable discipline layout, and advanced teaching mode. The pioneering Yi’an learning model is practical and flexible. The multi-disciplinary teaching breaks the limitations of traditional education. The application of multimedia technology and online teaching makes students’ learning and life colorful, close to reality and full of vitality. In the curriculum design and development, the college pays attention to student feedback and expert opinions and strives to keep pace with the times. Challenging courses allow students to reach their full potential and lay a solid foundation for future career development. Ngee Ann Polytechnic attaches great importance to cooperation with domestic and foreign companies, and actively establishes a network of cooperation to expand the student employment market. The employment prospects of our graduates are optimistic. According to the 2007 market survey, more than 90% of graduates can find the ideal job within three months after graduation.


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