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What Are the Types of American Universities And Degrees


There are four types of degrees awarded in the United States: associate degree, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, and doctorate. The first two are degrees awarded at the undergraduate level, and the latter two are degrees awarded at the graduate level.  

According to the nature of the degree, there are academic (research) degree and professional (speciality) degree. In addition, American universities also award honorary degrees. buy a fake diploma online. Such degrees do not reflect academic achievements but recognize the outstanding contributions to society.  

Institutions in the United States have grades, and the level of degrees offered is also very inconsistent. According to the school, it is divided into the following categories:   

The first category: Doctorate granting Universities  
This kind of school is called a research comprehensive university. It offers Bachelor, Master, and Doctor degrees. Get a fake UK diploma online. It occupies a prominent position in the US higher education system, and it is divided into private and public. For example, Duke University.  

Such universities have strong business schools, law schools, medical schools, engineering schools, and liberal arts colleges in the United States. Copy a fake transcript online. They have a full range of majors, as many as dozens of departments, hundreds of majors, and hundreds of professional research projects.  

This kind of school represents the top research level of American universities and has obtained a large amount of research funding from US federal government research institutions, which can reach hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars. Purchasing a fake Canadian University certificate online. There are many opportunities for graduate students to win prizes.

The second category: Master Granting Universities  

Most of these schools are regional universities, offering associate, bachelor, and master degrees. Masters focus on vocational education, and it is more practical to find a job after graduation; the application competition is not very fierce, and it is easier to be admitted; buy US University degree certificate. The research task is not heavy, focusing on teaching; teaching in small classes; tuition is relatively cheap.  

According to the US. News’ 2017 ranking of regional universities, the first place is Providence College. Buy Malaysia University diploma.

The third category: Liberal Arts Colleges liberal arts college   

The College of Arts and Sciences mainly provides bachelor’s degrees, while a few colleges of clerical sciences offer master’s degrees.

The College of Arts and Sciences has well preserved the essence of the traditional undergraduate education in the United States, cultivated the concept of a whole person (whole person), and focused on comprehensive education.

The characteristic that is different from that of a comprehensive university is that small classes are taught, and students can get more attention from professors; professors are mainly teaching; the number of students is small, thousands and the relationship between teachers and students and alumni is close, which is conducive to establishing a good network Basic; mostly in a beautiful place far away from big cities, campus facilities are in good condition, safe, and conducive to learning; relatively speaking, more undergraduates with scholarships; tuition is more expensive; the quality of teaching is high, and a large number of industry leaders have been trained Talent. 

Fourth category: Community College   

Community colleges mainly provide associate degrees, and few schools offer bachelor degrees. Community colleges originated after World War II. The US government appeased veterans and opened colleges in various communities, which were maintained by taxes in various regions.

Community colleges offer two types of courses, one is a general course, which is transferred to a four-year university after graduation; the other is a technical course, which is directly employed after graduation. Some people say that they are equivalent to Chinese specialities. From the latter perspective, they are very similar, but from the former perspective, they are different. The accreditation of China’s junior college is far lower than that of full-time undergraduates, and the graduation from a community college to a four-year university is the same as the graduation of a four-year undergraduate student, so community colleges have also become some students. Enter the “springboard” of a famous American school.

Community colleges also have some characteristics: perfect transfer guidance and study plans; good undergraduate basic education courses; cheap tuition fees; many admission opportunities and easy admission; and English language courses (ESL).

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