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Victoria University is a public research university based in Melbourne, Australia. Where to buy a fake Victoria University degree, order a Victoria University diploma, get fake VU degree, buy fake Australian degree.

It achieved university status in 1991 but the preceding institutions date back to 1916.

It is one of Australia’s few dual-sector universities. This means that students are able to move between vocational education to higher education – such as from a certificate or diploma course through to an undergraduate degree or even a postgraduate qualification by coursework or research.

Victoria University has campuses in the heart of the city of Melbourne as well as in the western suburbs of the city. There is also a campus in the central area of Sydney.

There are seven colleges at the university including arts and education; business; engineering and science; health and bio-medicine; law and justice and sport and exercise science. VU College provides a range of student support programmes for local and international students.

There are a huge variety of student-run clubs including football, cheerleading, music, international cultural groups and many more. There are also a number of sports teams for students as well as an aquatic centre, sports courts and athletics track and gyms with personal trainers and group fitness classes.

There are also a number of different events, exhibitions and seminars across the year that celebrate the diverse student community at the university. Some of the week-long celebrations include sustainable living week, pride week, law week and refugee week.

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