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Let me introduce the courses of the University of the Fraser Valley.
TESL certificate, adventure travel, internship nurse and dental assistant, home care and clinical basic care certificate, early childhood education, community support, drug abuse, computer information system, web design, fitness and exercise management, business, application business technology, aviation flight, visual arts, fashion design, drama, graphic design, criminology/criminal justice, criminal justice, agricultural technology, early childhood education, social services, drug abuse counselling, aviation flight, business administration, computer information systems library and information technology, international and development studies, media and communications, drama. Buy a fake diploma, buy a fake degree, buy fake certificate, buy fake transcript, buy fake Bachelor degree, buy fake Master degree, buy fake doctor degree.
2.Bachelor’s degree:
English, Geography, History, Mathematics, Psychology, Sociology, Sociology/Anthropology, English, Drama, Philosophy and Politics, Anthropology, Applied Ethics and Political Philosophy, Economics, Business Management, Computer Information Systems, Criminal Justice, economics, English, French, kinematics, Latin American studies, mathematics/statistics, media and communication studies, sociology, visual arts, biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics, physics, nursing, business administration, aviation management, aviation Flight, adult education, child and adolescent education, social work, kinematics, fine arts.
3. Master’s degree:
Master of Criminal Justice
English ESL:
Three 16-week courses are offered throughout the year, divided into primary, secondary and high.
IELTS 6.0/ TOEFL 79, Pre-LEVEL 2, 4 months, you can study 2-3 professional courses at the same time.
IELTS 5.0/ TOEFL 61, Pre-LEVEL 1, 8 months (4+4), you can study 1-2 professional courses at the same time.
4.University Foundation:
Students have a good English foundation. TOEFL 61-87/IELTS5.0-6.0 can take 1-2 semester courses. While improving the language, they can take credits for professional courses and become qualified to enter university.

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