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The logo of the University of Montreal was designed by the painter Denis Juneau on January 4, 1967, buy fake Universitas Montis Regii diploma, buy Université de Montréal degree, Buy a Fake Université de Montréal Diploma, buy Université de Montréal transcript. buy Canada diplomas. It is composed of the upper case French letter “U” representing “Université” and the lower one representing ” “Montréal” (Montréal) is composed of the lowercase French letter “m”, and the overall logo is the pattern of the main building, an iconic building resembling the main campus of the university.

The elements of the logo of the full version of the Montreal Institute of Technology: a bee in a toothed wheel and a laurel wreath surrounding them. On both sides of the laurel wreath are written the Latin academic motto, that is, the famous saying of the British mechanic Robert Hook.” UT TENSION SIC VIS” (literal translation: tension and deformation are proportional; abstract meaning: the result will be proportional to hard work), and the school name of the color strip on the far left and the letterpress printing on the far right. In addition, it can also be accompanied by the words “Le génie en première classe” (Le génie en première classe) or “Affiliée à l’Université de Montréal” (Affiliée à l’Université de Montréal).

The official logo of Montreal Business School
The Montreal Business School has two logos. The official logo is the official French school name “HEC MONTRÉAL” in blue font. The logo secondary is the official French school with white letters on a blue background. The name “HEC MONTRÉAL” is arranged up and down as a logo, and this form of the logo is mainly used for electronic products and promotional publications

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