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The international office of Bournemouth University strives to enrich and make life meaningful for international students. The International Office provides full assistance from admission counseling to student graduation and often travels abroad to promote the school’s professional programs, interview applicants, and meet with alumni.
The International Office organizes an orientation guide for foreign students every year. This seven-day event is designed to help new students adapt to the environment. The Admissions Guide program begins on Monday and includes training on immigration, accommodation, banking, medical and other information presentations and essay writing, presentations and other study skills.
The student union of the school is organized by the students themselves and is very active. The association organizes various social events and excursions to various parts of the UK. The school’s student union is a university-independent organization that provides help and activity facilities for all students and gives feedback on their opinions and needs.
Every October, a campus recruitment fair is held on campus, and companies from the UK and overseas come to the school to recruit. This is a good opportunity for our students. They can meet and communicate directly with the company so that they can greatly improve their time of successful employment.
Bournemouth University offers free English tuition to international students in our school. Whether it is everyday English or terminology, we can offer you group tutoring or one-on-one tutoring. You only need to make an appointment in advance. In addition, you can join our online interactive learning platform.


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