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In terms of the job market, the employment distribution of London business school graduates is also average and wide, roughly representing one-third of the financial and financial industry, management consulting industry and industrial industries.
In particular, since the London Business School students come from all over the world, many students are interested in staying in the UK after graduation. The British government has paid considerable attention to the contribution of high-tech overseas immigrants to the British economy, thus modifying the Ministry of the Interior. High-tech immigration project “immigration policy. The revised policy specifically incorporates MBA talent as one of the high-tech immigrants, allowing the world’s top 50 business school graduates to work in the UK, and London Business School is also among the 50 business schools set by the High-Tech Immigration Program. Inside, so graduates of the school can work in the UK without the permission of further authorization documents.
Students usually have three ways to find work through the platform provided by the campus. One is the Employment Service Center. Career Services at London Business School is very strong. From the time of admission, students are trained in resume writing, cover letter writing, network management, basic business skills, interviews, etc., so that students can demonstrate higher quality. . At the same time, the Employment Service Center will contact the employer, hold a job fair, or recommend the student directly to the employer. The second is the alumni network. London Business School has more than 34,000 alumni in more than 130 countries and 65 local alumni associations. Many students learn about alumni and find jobs through various activities during school. The third is community activities. The school has 75 societies, including professional interest groups (such as consulting clubs, financial clubs, etc.), regional associations (such as Chinese clubs, Nordic clubs, etc.), as well as sports, literature and other interest groups (such as football). Club, etc.). When students work in the community and participate in activities, they can communicate with alumni or other students at different levels to gain job opportunities.


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