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Fake SJSU Diploma fake San Jose State University Degree

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San Jose State University has College of Applied Science and Arts, Business School, College of Education, Charles Davidson School of Engineering, School of Humanities and Arts, College of Natural Sciences, School of Sociology, School of Art and Design, School of Public Communication, School of Library and Information Science , School of Music and Dance, School of Nursing and School of Social Sciences.
San Jose State University offers 134 undergraduate and master’s degrees in anthropology, linguistics, design, behavioral research, psychology, sociology, drama, engineering, physics, software engineering, chemistry, biology, nursing. , musicology and aeronautical engineering. Popular majors include philosophy, business administration, economics, and sociology.
San Jose State University offers 69 undergraduate programs that provide strong support for students’ dreams and future employment. The teacher-student ratio at San Jose State University is 1:22, with an average of 29 students per class. This ensures that every student gets 100% attention from the instructor. The most popular majors at San Jose State University are as follows:
The business course at San Jose State University is rated as a top business course by US News. The course covers 11 majors including Accounting, Corporate Finance Management, Entrepreneurship, International Business, Management Information Systems, and Marketing. Many business school students have signed work contracts with the company before graduation.
College of Engineering
San Jose State University is ranked 2nd in the US (US News Ranking) and 48th in the World (Business Insider). Students can choose from a variety of engineering disciplines including bioengineering, chemical engineering, materials engineering, civil and environmental engineering, computer engineering, electrical engineering, industrial and systems engineering, mechanical and aerospace engineering, and software engineering.


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