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As the second largest city in the UK, Birmingham has the appeal of all modern and international cities. It has nightlife comparable to the cosmopolitan city, world-class sports facilities, excellent cultural and artistic atmosphere, international food flavor and excellent shopping facilities. Birmingham is the UK’s largest manufacturing center, located in the heart of England, with convenient rail, road, and air links. It is the hub of the UK and international transport networks, and it takes only 90 minutes by train to London. Birmingham is a university town with three universities, multiple colleges, and language schools and is one of the popular cities for overseas students. At the same time, Birmingham is a vibrant cultural center, with cinemas, theaters, galleries, galleries, and museums abound. In sports, Birmingham has more sports venues and top-notch sports facilities than any other city in the UK and has its own ‘British Premier’ team. Music is indispensable, and the city hosts a variety of concerts throughout the year, including mainstream rock music, street performers, symphony orchestras, international jazz festivals and more. Birmingham is also a shopper’s paradise, not only has the ‘BULLRING’ shopping plaza, one of Europe’s largest shopping centers, but also a number of private boutiques that are fascinating. There are also many places of interest around Birmingham, attracting a large number of overseas visitors every year.
Founded in 1859, the College is one of the leading music schools in the UK, with outstanding achievements in solo performance, composition, chamber music, orchestra, and jazz. The Birmingham Conservatory of Music is the premier music venue for major music organizations in Birmingham. It hosts more than 300 performances each year, including Pierre Brez and Oramo (Chief of the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra). Commander) and other world’s top conductors to perform here, the world’s first group: the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra’s chief conductor Simon Rattle (formerly the Birmingham City Symphony Orchestra’s chief conductor) has completed his representative recording here (with Birmingham City Symphony) The group’s cooperation with Mahler’s eighth symphony and the fifth symphony).


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