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The University of North London is a vibrant place where students will never feel bored. Even if they don’t go to shops, resorts, clubs or theaters in the city of London, they can take advantage of the wide range of leisure and recreational facilities on campus, such as indoor and outdoor sports facilities, and a wide variety of students. Clubs and groups and the Rocket Complex with its bars, shops, and casinos (a full set of equipment called ROCKET). In this casino, you can enjoy concerts, comedy sketches, and other live shows. All of these recreational facilities are just a few steps away from state-of-the-art learning facilities, such as the new technology tower with more than 700 connected computers and a learning center with more than 300,000 books and English videotapes.
Admission requirements: A 4-year bachelor’s degree with excellent graduation scores; or equivalent qualifications (excellent grades) and certain work experience.
Students applying for an MBA program must have at least two years of work experience after graduation.
·Master of Science in Computer Science (1 year)
This course is for undergraduate graduates who are not computer majors.
All courses start in September of each year, and many of them are offered in February.


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