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The Carnegie Foundation for Higher Education Foundation classifies the University of Oklahoma as RU/VH (Research University/Very High), the highest level in all American home universities;
The University of Oklahoma is a member of the Universities Research Association (URA). Founded in 1965, URA is headquartered in Washington, DC, and is directly managed by the US Presidential Advisory Council and the National Academy of Sciences. It is comprised of 83 top research universities in the United States and from Canada (McGill University, University of Toronto), Japan (Waseda University). With the international alliance of four world-renowned universities in Italy (Pisa University), its charter is to support member universities for the purpose of national interests.
National Merit Scholars (National Outstanding Scholars) and graduated Rhodes Scholars (Rhodes Scholars) among the University of Oklahoma’s freshmen are among the top public universities in the United States;
According to the Princeton Review, Oklahoma University was ranked first in public universities in terms of academic and price/performance ratios; the Princeton Review ranked Oklahoma University as the nation’s “the 20 Most Wired” Colleges”; in 2013, the Norman main campus will be fully equipped with wind energy to meet energy needs;
The University of Oklahoma creates an annual economic impact of $1.5 billion for Oklahoma;
The University of Oklahoma has signed 174 international exchange agreements with universities in 66 countries around the world. Each year, a large number of students can study abroad in various countries.
The University of Oklahoma has trained 27 Rhode Island scholars and is ranked among the top 10 public universities in the United States;
Michael F. Price Business School has 3,200 students, 8 branches and 11 majors, and an undecided direction. The most popular majors are accounting (14%), market and supply chain management (13%) and finance (13%). Other majors include Management Information Systems (16th in the US), International Business (13th in the US), Corporate Management, Risk Management, and Energy Management.


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