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The Cambridge General Certificate of Education (General Level) Examination (Singapore – Cambridge General Certificate of Education (General Level), referred to as GCE’O’ level) is an examination jointly sponsored by the Singapore Ministry of Education and the University of Cambridge Local Examinations Board. Secondary school students in Singapore take this test after completing a four-year (special or fast course) or five-year (general academic course) secondary education. The test results are important criteria for admission to junior colleges, high schools, polytechnics, and technical education colleges.
The time of the exam varies depending on the nature of the exam. All written examinations are held from late October to early November; oral examinations in the Language Section are held from August to October, and listening tests (including music) are held in July and from October to November; music and All science subjects are held from September to October. The written test of the mother tongue will be held in May of the same year, called the Mid Year Exam. All self-study students who wish to take the exam must register in mid-March and must be at least 15 years old when registering. Examination results will be announced in late January or early February of the second year, and the certificate will be issued in May. The exam fees for each exam range from 37 to 87 Singapore dollars.


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