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The funeral home where the US died is responsible for applying for a death certificate to the deceased’s family. How to get a fake death certificate. where to buy a fake American death certificate. The death certificate is usually issued by the Department of Health. If you need to apply for a US death certificate again, you can apply directly from the Department of Health Vital Records.
Information required for notarization certification for US death certificates:

  1. the United States death certificate scan
  2. Scanned documents of the client’s passport
  3. The scanner of the identity certificate of the person in charge
  4. Fill in the application form for death certificate notarization certification
    American death certificate notarization certification process:
    1: Notarization of notary lawyers in the United States
    2: US Secretary of State for certification
    3: Chinese Embassy in the United States conducts consular certification
    US death certificate notarization certification time:
    Ordinary processing: 12-15 working days. Expedited processing: 7 working days. Express handling: 3 working days


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