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The University of Law was originally a law school. It was founded in 1962. By May 2006, the college became the first private institution to grant degree degrees. In 2012, the law school was awarded the university qualification and officially changed its name to the law school. The University of Law has eight colleges in the UK. As a professional law school, the Law University offers the Graduate Diploma (also known as the General Professional Examination), the Lawyers Vocational Course (Professional Qualified Lawyer), the Legal Practice Course (Professional Qualified Lawyer), and the Bachelor of Law (Bachelor of Law). Master of Laws (Master of Laws), Doctor of Laws and other professional degrees. In Europe, the University is the largest school offering legal education and a school that provides continuing professional development programs for lawyers and barristers. The University of Law is recognized by leading companies and chambers of commerce.
The University of London was chosen by the Royal Charter in 1836 as an institution for the recognition and method of accredited school students. Until 1900, the University of London was restricted to these functions, but when he performed these functions, it influenced and coordinated other universities and colleges in London from time to time. From 1858, the University of London degree, in addition to medicine, students can learn and obtain in certain designated learning institutions. The University of London is the first university in the UK to give a women’s degree (in 1878). Today, the University of London is not only a teaching institution, but also an auditing body, and it has become an academic federation, where it has combined with hospitals and non-medical colleges, such as King’s College of London, and many Institute students and some academic institutions.


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