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Can I apply for UAE embassy attestation with a fake diploma?

United Arab Emirates apostille, UAE embassy attestation,
United Arab Emirates apostille, UAE embassy attestation,

Cost to make fake United Arab Emirates apostille, make fake UAE embassy attestation, buy fake diploma with UAE apostille. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is not a member of the Hague Apostille Convention and any official document destined for this country will receive a Certificate from the Secretary of State. Legalizing documents for United Arab Emirates may require additional steps before the documents can be presented to the United Arab Emirates Embassy or Consulate office.

UAE embassy attestation is a procedure of getting stamp or signature on a document by the authorized department. It is usually required for obtaining education, family and employment visa of UAE. Certificate attestation for UAE is required to prove its authenticity for use in the UAE.

The procedure of attestation from UAE embassy is depends upon the type of documents. There are different government authorities responsible for attestation of educational, personal and commercial documents. Below is the flow chart of all the government authorities involved in the procedure of certificate attestation from UAE Embassy.

Degree Attestation is one of the oldest and popular document legalization processes in the world to verify the document’s originality. In the Degree Attestation process, you have to get the document attestation from the State Home Department, after that the document is attestation from the Ministery of External Affairs. The following authorized documents are acceptable to the members of the Hague Convention. To get the Degree Attestation there is a certain document that must be required including the Original Degree Certificate and Passport photocopy (1st, last, and passport officer signed page) of the document.

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