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The University of Southern California is the first university in the United States to award a bachelor’s degree in film art. The original faculty members include Douglas Van Punk, David Griffith, Cecil B. DeMille, Ernst Liubei, Irving Thalberg, Darryl Zanuck, and others.
The film and television art academy in the United States may be the most famous college in the Southern Region, awarding degrees to literary studies, scriptwriting, film production, film creation. In 2001, the Theatre Academy added the Southern Digital Interactive Multimedia Department. The research includes new media formats such as stereoscopic movies, ultra-widescreen movies, immersive experience movies, interactive movies, video games, virtual reality and mobile multimedia. The college has long been supported by a number of distinguished alumni, including renowned alumni George Lucas, Ron Howard, Robinson Micks, John M. L., Ben Burtt, and Bryan Singer. September 19, 2006, South Africa announced that George Lucas has donated 175 million US dollars to the University of South Africa Film and Television Academy, which is the largest single donation received in the history of the South Africa (also the fifth donation of more than 100 million) ).

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