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The ratio of students to men is now 46:54, 24% of students are graduate students, and 7% are professional degree programs in architecture, dentistry, law, and pharmacy. About 7,500 students live on campus. About 26% of students are ethnic minorities, including 7.9% African American, 10.1% Latino, 6.5% Asian or Pacific Islander.

The University of Florida library is the largest information repository in Florida. The University has a total of nine libraries, about four million books and magazines [17], as well as a collection of various originals, maps, recorded music and so on, covering almost all fields. More digital information can be viewed on the web through the library’s web page, known as The University of Florida Digital Collections (UFDC). The George A. Smathers Library is the premier library serving almost all faculties. It has more than 5.6 million volumes of books, 7.9 million rolls of film, 453,000 e-books, 159,000 electronic journals and 1,162 electronic databases. A wide range of collections, from handwritten to electronic text, are stored in the library, and collections are available online.


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