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Get a fake Technical University of Munich Diploma Online, buy a fake Technical University of Munich degree certificate, TUM diploma, TUM transcript. The faculties of the Technical University of Munich are divided into four departments and 15 colleges:
Department of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (Mathematics and Natural Sciences): Under the jurisdiction of the School of Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry.
Engineering and Architecture (Engineering and Architecture): There are 6 colleges under its jurisdiction, including aviation and surveying, civil and environmental engineering, architecture, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and computer, and information.
Life Sciences and Health Sciences: There are 3 colleges under the jurisdiction of the School of Life, the School of Medicine, and Sports and Health Sciences.
Ministry of Social Sciences (Social Sciences): There are 3 colleges under the jurisdiction of Education, Government Politics, and Management [18].
TUM is mainly based on engineering sciences and natural sciences. It also has a medical school, the Deutsche Heart Research Center in Munich, the Academy of Sports Sciences, and the Nutrition, Land Planning and Environmental Science Center in Weinstein (Freising). Buy a fake Technical University of Munich Diploma Online, get a fake Technical University of Munich degree certificate, TUM diploma, TUM transcript. buy German diplomas online. The combination of these departments gives the Technical University of Munich a unique advantage in many European universities. The German Research Federation (DFG) has established 12 research sites at the Technical University of Munich, many of which are world-renowned. The humanities and sciences established another university in Munich: Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich (ie: University of Munich)
The majors offered are:
Polymer materials science, agronomy, architecture, civil engineering, civil materials and maintenance, biochemistry, bioinformatics, biology, brewing and beverage technology, business administration (MBA), chemistry, chemical engineering, optimization design Science, Communication and Decision Science (MBA), Computer Mechanics, Computational Science and Engineering, Computational Mechanics, Consumer Research, Electronics and Information Science, Energy and Process Science, Engineering Physics, Development and Design, Nutrition, Geospace Science, Automobile and Engine Science, Finance and Information Management, Forestry Science, Forest Resource Management, Horticulture, Land Surveying and Geoinformatics, Geography Science, Industrial Chemistry, Computer Science, Communication Technology, Engineering Hydraulics, Integrated Component Design , Science Transportation System, Nuclear Technology, Land Management, Land Use, Landscape Design and Landscape Planning, Food Chemistry, Aerospace Science, Machinery Manufacturing and Management, Mechanical Engineering, Biotechnology Mathematics, Mathematics, Mechatronics and Information Technology , Medicine, medical technology, microwave engineering, molecular biotechnology, atomic technology, ecology, physics, production and logistics, repair and preservation technology, physical education, sports science, sustainable resource management, food engineering, Business Management, Applied Mathematics, Transportation Systems, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Planning and Ecological Engineering, Economic Computer Science.

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