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Coventry University is located in the heart of Coventry and covers an area of ​​33 hectares. The architecture and environment of the campus are constantly improving and developing. For example, newly renovated nursing and midwifery student residence halls newly opened sports centres. Opened in 2002, the lab is known for its Bugatti architecture, which features simulated vehicle model design and pattern equipment, the only school in the world to offer such resources. Another notable feature is the university’s investment of 200 million yuan in open libraries, adding more brilliance to Coventry City.

Coventry is located in the heart of England’s heartland and is a must-see for the UK’s traffic routes from south to north. It is an hour’s drive from London and 15 minutes by train from Birmingham, the second-largest city in the UK. It is close to Birmingham International Airport and has direct flights to Europe and the world’s major cities.

The most well-known field of Coventry University designs, such as industrial design and production design. In transportation design, students will learn how to design cars, boats, bicycles, trains, and aeroplanes. In addition, other well-known fields of Coventry University are art design, such as media, film production, and theatre performances. Art and design have a history of 150 years at Coventry University. The original starting point was in 1843. It was Coventry University that only had art design.

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