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What’s the cost to make a fake Romania Diplomã de licentã

Romania Diplomã de licentã
Romania Diplomã de licentã

Cost to make a fake Romania Diplomã de licentã, buy fake Romania diploma, fake university diploma, buy Romania university certificate. A certificate awarded to students who have completed their studies in higher education, but have failed to pass the get their degree: Certificat de studii;
Diploma certifying the completion of studies at a college and the passing of the relevant final examen: Diplomã de absolvire a unui colegiu;
University diploma equivalent degree ( Diplomã de licentã )
Diploma of Advanced Studies: Master Diploma (Diplomã de studii aprofundate );
Diploma of Graduate Academic Studies (Diplom? de studii academice ): This kind of diploma is awarded by a school of graduate studies, within a higher education institution. Such schools enroll holders of the first academic degree at the end of a two-three year graduate study programme.

Diplomã de doctor – Doctoral Diploma – Ph.D. (Diplomã de doctor ). This is the highest academic degree awarded in all domains after 4-6 years of study and original research. It follows the first academic degree (or master’s degree) and requires the passing of examinations and the submission of an original thesis. The holder of a doctoral diploma is granted the Ph.D. title in the respective field of science or the arts.

An honorary degree (Doctor Honoris Causa) awarded by higher education institutions (by vote of the Senate) to Romanian and foreign prominent figures in science, technology and culture. It is also occasionally conferred, in recognition of specific merits, to outstanding national and international public figures.

Romania signed the Convention on the Recognition of Qualifications concerning Higher Education in the European Region (Lisabona 1997), and at the same time, it is part of the Bologna Process concerning the implementation of the common European Higher Education area.

Through commitments assumed at the European level, focused on quality assurance, credit transfers and transparency of educational programmes description, qualifications (diplomas) obtained in the Romanian Higher Education ensured the academic and professional mobility of the graduates all over the world.

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