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The school offers a number of scholarship sponsorships for students. There are six types of dorms to choose from, and Leonard Hall, an international dorm with different cultural characteristics. The US university campus is mainly surrounded by wealthy residential areas. It is located in the well-known embassy district of the northwestern district of Washington, DC, the US capital, and is 10 minutes from the university campus. It covers an area of ​​84 acres.
American University is located in Washington, DC, USA. Washington, DC, the full name of “Washington, DC” (Washington, DC), was named to commemorate the founding father of the United States, George Washington, and Columbus, who discovered the New World of the Americas. Washington is administratively directly administered by the federal government and does not belong to any state.

The mild climate and abundant rainfall make the city’s parks green and grassy. The surrounding villages and grasses are lush, and the urban residents who support the old and the young are busy sneaking and eager to visit such a place for walking and dating.

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