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After the Complete University Guide was officially released in 2017, let’s take a brief look at the changes. Afterwards, let ’s take a look at the ranking of British universities in THE.

First we talk about new faces. Loughborough University and University College London are in the top 10 of the Complete University Guide this year. Loughborough University moved up four places to seventh, while UCL moved up three places to tenth.

Despite these changes, the ranking of CUGs is generally stable, especially for the top universities. Five of the top UK universities are ranked the same as last year. The University of Cambridge has won for the sixth year.

The Complete University Guide ranking includes 127 educational institutions based on 10 rankings: student satisfaction, research quality, research intensity, admission criteria, student faculty and staff ratio, academic service expenditure, student facility expenditure, good honor, Graduation prospects and completion.

The biggest improvement this year was Manchester City University, which eventually ranked 57 and rose 16 places. The Bournemouth University of the Arts saw the biggest drop, dropping 19 places, ranking 76 this year.

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