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It is a kind of translucent wrapping paper, which is a kind of material for making books or High imitation certificate. The parchment paper is characterized by compact structure, strong oil resistance, waterproof, wet strength, airtightness, and good elasticity. The paper is sheepskin. With high strength and a certain degree of folding resistance.
It is a diploma used by some schools in the Commonwealth, and when it is illuminated, the hidden pattern can be clearly seen on the back. One of them is called Goat Watermark Paper, There is a goat hidden on the paper, It is called goat watermark paper. The fake diplomas we do often use this kind of high-grade paper.
We use top-of-the-line "DIPLOMA PAPER STOCK" for all our fake diplomas -- a similar paper used by many actual schools.  For fake US diplomas, we offer 8*6 inch, 8.5*11 inch, and 11*14 inch sizes. For fake international diplomas, we offer A4 size.  We can custom cut to any size within an 11*14 inch sheet -- just ask.

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