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On July 10, 2009, the NCAA officially accepted SFU as a Davidson Level II member, which means that SFU can participate in the Northwestern Games. SFU is a member of all NCAA levels in Canada. In 2012, the sports group became the first international member of the NCAA.

The Surrey Campus is located in the heart of Surrey. The campus is also part of the city centre, which is an architectural complex near Surrey Central Station. The school district was established in 2002 to accommodate students and research projects at British Columbia University of Science and Technology, which has now expanded to Surrey’s integrated operations center and runs other SFU student programs. The entire building was designed by Chinese architect Bing Thom and opened to the public in 2006. At the same time, the Fraser Library, which is the branch of the Simon Fraser University Library, is located here. The main collection is related to the School of Interactive Arts and Technology. Buy Simon Fraser University fake degree, Get SFU fake diploma, Get Simon Fraser University fake transcript.

Simon Fraser University has three campuses located in three different cities in the Greater Vancouver area. The main campus is located on the hills of Burnaby Campus, the Vancouver Campus is located in downtown Vancouver, which is lined with skyscrapers, and the Surrey Campus is located in the city centre shopping mall. In recent years, the Vancouver Campus has been expanded, for example, the Siegel Graduate School of Economics has been expanded.

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