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NUC University diploma, NUC University degree,

Steps to order fake NUC University diploma, buy phony NUC University degree, order fake diploma in Florida, buy fake Puerto Rico diploma. All seven Florida Technical College (FTC) campuses located in the southern state of Florida will now operate under NUC University, the college announced.

With this last step, the institution will have unified all its education units and will complete the launch of its rebranding that started early 2020 in Puerto Rico.

FTC offers 19 academic programs in English, including bachelor’s degrees and careers in the areas of health, construction, hospitality, beauty, business administration and IT. In the upcoming months, the institution plans to launch three additional programs, new laboratories, expand its Spanish programs and increase the offers of the International School of Culinary Arts in two of the campuses in Florida.

They will include new kitchen laboratories with the latest technology. In addition, NUC University’s Graduate Programs Division plans to serve in seven locations of Florida to offer students masters and graduate degrees in English.

NUC University in Florida will continue to operate the Continuing Education division of the FTC. The institution will also continue with its NUC online division in Miami, which is focused on the Hispanic community in the United States, and the DAVE School, located near Universal Studios. The latter is a specialized school dedicated to special effects programs, virtual production, and gaming.

As a result, NUC University will now have school 15 campuses, nine of them in the State of Florida, and 13 centers of the IBC technical division. Currently, about 40,000 students annually enroll in the Puerto Rican institution to study their careers in Florida, Puerto Rico, and online.

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