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Northwestern University Fake Diploma, Job Hunting Essentials

Northwestern University fake Diploma, fake NU degree

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Northwestern University is a well-known university in the United States. It was founded in the last century and has a history of more than 100 years.

Northwestern University includes the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, the Faculty of Languages, the Faculty of Music, the School of Journalism, the McCommit School of Engineering and Applied Science, and the School of Education and Social Policy.

The Northwestern University athlete’s mascot was the wildcat Willie, but at first, the Wildcats were not their mascot. The earliest was a bear at the Lincoln Zoo. In the fall of 1923, the bear would play before the game. But after a failed season, the team considered it bad luck and therefore stopped using it. Willie first appeared as a logo in 1933 but did not become a mascot until 1947. When the team played in Evanston, the Northwestern University Marching Band always performed and played the school song after the game. buy fake diploma in fakeadiploma

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