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How to get a Monroe College fake diploma, order fake Monroe College degree, order fake degree certificate, buy college diploma. Monroe College is a private college and graduate school in the USA, which was established in the year 1933 as a women’s business school in the Bronx. Initially, it was named ‘Monroe School of Business. In the year 1972, it became an accredited junior college, and the new name was ‘ Monroe Business Institute’. In the year 1990, it was accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education and was named newly as ‘Monroe College’. Monroe has three campus locations — The Bronx, New Rochelle, and Saint Lucia. The campus at the Bronx is located in Fordham since 1967 and consists of seven buildings.

The campus at New Rochelle consists of six buildings, a Culinary Arts Centre, and a restaurant run by students called ‘The Dining Lab’. Through Dining Lab, students get the opportunity to enhance their skills in terms of management, culinary arts, and hospitality. The campus in Saint Lucia is located near Castries, which is the capital of Caribbean Island

There are nine faculties under the undergraduate degree programs: School of Allied Health consisting of five-degree programs, School of Business and Accounting consisting of seven-degree programs, School of Criminal Justice with four-degree programs, The Culinary Institute of New York at Monroe College with two-degree programs, School of Hospitality Management with two-degree programs, School of Education with the one-degree program, School of Information Technology with three-degree programs, School of Nursing with three and School of Information technology with two-degree programs.

Monroe College also offers an array of degrees online: five degrees by School of Allied Health, seven degrees by School of Business and Accounting, five degrees by School of Criminal Justice, three degrees by School of Hospitality Management, three degrees by School of Information Technology and one degree by School of Nursing.

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