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The Lebanese International University (LIU) is a private university in Khyara Lebanon, established in April 2001, under Presidential Decree No. 5294 as “The Bekaa University,” with its campus in Bekaa, Al-Khyara, Al Bekaa Al Gharbi. With a vision of becoming a true national university with international presence, a new campus in Beirut was opened and the name was changed to “Lebanese International University (LIU).” LIU has several campuses in Lebanon and has recently opened international campuses in Yemen, Senegal, and Mauritania. How to make a fake Lebanese International University degree, buy Lebanese International University diploma, fake LIU diploma, buy fake Lebanese diploma.

Talaba is a student club, devoted to secularism and individual freedom, regardless of political or religious background. It has worked to raise awareness of a number of environmental and social issues, including global warming and poverty. For example, in spring 2010 students from the group toured impoverished regions throughout Lebanon.

In each of the places they visited, the students filmed the living conditions and interviewed the inhabitants, using equipment that had been supplied by their university, as well as through funding by the Lebanese NGO Al-Majmouaa. In addition to the filming, the students organized activities for the children of the neighborhood. Talaba is using the information they gathered and filmed to spread awareness about poverty and motivate fellow students to contribute to charitable activities.

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