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Where to get a fake Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia diploma, buy fake Politeknik Malaysia diploma, buy fake Malaysian diploma. Polytechnic education was first introduced in Malaysia through the establishment of its first polytechnic, Ungku Omar Polytechnic in Ipoh under the United Nations Development Plan (UN) in 1969. This education was strengthened by the Cabinet Committee on Education certificate in 1979 and the National Industrial Master Plan. First (1985-1995).

All planning including the Cabinet Committee’s certificate on training (1991), has enabled the establishment of more polytechnics as well as increased study programs to meet the needs of semi-professional workers in the fields of engineering, commerce and services.

The Cabinet of Ministers on 26 March 2010 considered the Higher Education Memorandum (No. 198/2685/2010) and agreed to establish four METrO Polytechnics in the 9th RM and six in the 10th RM.

In order to strengthen the role of the Polytechnic in the field of education and training, the Cabinet on 20 November 2009 considered the Higher Education Memorandum (No. 871/2670/2009) and agreed on the Polytechnic Transformation Direction with the following objectives:

Promote the polytechnic as a leading institution in the field of TVET;
Strengthen the relevance and responsiveness of study programs at polytechnics in order to be in line with the national economic development requirements;
Leading certain areas of thrust and technology to produce quality graduates who are entrepreneurial, highly marketable and competitive;
Build a reputation and brand that is able to place the polytechnic among the best national higher education institutions; and
Diversify and expand the offer of programs that are able to attract students.
The Polytechnic Transformation Direction was launched on 25 February 2010 by the YAB Deputy Prime Minister as the beginning of an effort to build new polytechnic efforts to sustain the development of human capital. The four core Polytechnic Transformation Directions agreed by the Council of Ministers are as follows:

Empowerment of polytechnics towards becoming an option comparable to universities;
The development of study and research programs in the field of propulsion which is based on the strengths of each polytechnic;
Empowerment of polytechnic citizens with high level knowledge and skills;
Building an excellent work image and culture.

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