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If someone holds false diploma to apply for a job successfully, but have actual ability, what should employers do after knowing the truth?

If someone holds false diploma to apply for a job successfully, but have actual ability, what should employers do after knowing the truth?

The title has been told that this person has the actual ability, holding a fake diploma to apply for the job.Read a few answers, said the enterprise may do!It is not the best practice to dismiss at will.

Tell me about a previous experience. My former company (private enterprise) hired a technical engineer (over 50 years old). When I entered the company, I was introduced by the director of management department, who also interviewed me directly, and submitted the copy of relevant certificates to the company (at that time, there was no such thing as xuexin certification). Later, the director of management department left the company. Changed new director, did not learn letter net to attestation before the certificate was searched through other channel again, the undergraduate course record of formal schooling major that discovers that engineer is taught by correspondence, but he bought this false undergraduate course course record of formal schooling.After the discovery, the new supervisor reported the matter to the boss directly, and the boss asked the new supervisor to communicate with the head of the department where the engineer worked. The next thing that matters is that the technical department has done a departmental assessment of all the engineers’ capabilities. The engineer’s score was third, so the technical supervisor reported the matter to the boss and tried to protect him.The boss gives special permission to stay! The engineer stayed out of the affair from beginning to end. The head of the technical department later told me that people over 50 are more diligent and less ambitious in their work than young people.

The enterprise USES the good faith to restrain the staff, this no problem, if reasonable humanity once, can harvest more staff’s sincere intention.In today’s society, diploma is a stepping-stone, but it has only become a stepping-stone for job hunting. How many people have diploma without culture, mutual understanding and mutual respect between people.People with fake diplomas lack the opportunity to study in college, but if they want to have the same platform as everyone else, why not if they have the ability?This is not to support a fake diploma.

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