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If I Buy A Fake College Transcript, Will It Be Discovered?


I studied at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and graduated in 2018, but I failed to complete my studies. I still haven’t obtained transcripts and diplomas for more than a year now. This thing makes me feel helpless. Can I get a fake college transcript and show it to the company I am applying for, is it safe? Will it be discovered? Can an American university diploma be found online?

The University of Nevada Las Vegas is listed by the Carnegie Foundation as a senior in-depth research university. The English School of the University of Nevada Las Vegas is considered by the Atlantic Monthly as the most innovative MFA program in the United States. One of the top five. At the same time, the University of Nevada Las Vegas is also a basketball school, has trained basketball stars such as Brevinite, Reggie Sieves, Amon Gilliam, Marcus Banks.

The undergraduate degree offered by the University of Nevada Las Vegas includes economics, accounting, finance, human resources management, international trade, management, management information systems, hospitality management, marketing, early education, computer technology, English, History and so on.

The graduate programs offered by the University of Nevada Las Vegas include: Business Administration, Accounting, Economics, Management Information Systems, Special Education, Construction Management, and more.

The Carnegie Foundation was founded in 1911 and registered in New York. Its founder, Andrew Carnegie, aims to “enhance and disseminate knowledge and promote understanding between the United States and certain countries that were once members of the Commonwealth overseas.” In 2000, the assets were $1.4 billion. Before the foundation was established, Carnegie had many donations as individuals. The most famous is the establishment of public libraries. In the past 20 years, a total of 2,000 libraries have been donated. Foundations and non-profit organizations under the name of the Carnegie Foundation, Carnegie Institute, Carnegie Institute of Technology, University of Scotland Carnegie Trust, Carnegie Washington Institute, Carnegie Heroes Fund, Carnegie Promotional Teaching Foundation, Carnegie International Peace Fund meeting.

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