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Humboldt University of Berlin Diploma Sample, Buy Germany Diploma


Humboldt University of Berlin Diploma Sample,
buy Humboldt–Universitat Zu Berlin fake diploma. buy a fake diploma from Germany. The Humboldt University of Berlin was founded on the basis of the founder Humboldt’s spirit of “the unity of research and teaching.” He also hoped that the Humboldt University of Berlin could become the “mother of modern universities” (Mutter aller modernen). Universitäten).

According to Humboldt’s philosophy, a modern university should be the “sum of knowledge” (Universitas litterarum). Teaching and research are carried out in the university at the same time, and academic freedom. The university’s ultimate goal is knowledge and academics rather than practical talents. Nurture. Humboldt believes that universities have dual tasks, one is the exploration of science, the other is the cultivation of personality and morality. The science he said refers to pure science, that is, philosophy. And self-cultivation is the quality that a person should have as a social person, and it is the result of the overall development of personality, and it has nothing to do with specialized abilities and skills. According to the requirements of pure science, there are two basic organizational principles of the university: loneliness and freedom. Loneliness means not being influenced by political, economic and social interests, keeping a distance from them, and emphasizing the democratic nature of universities in management and academics. buy a fake degree, buy a fake diploma, buy a fake transcript. In Humboldt’s view, freedom and loneliness are interrelated and interdependent, and there is no freedom without loneliness (independence). The entire external organization of the university is based on these two points. umboldt University of Berlin Diploma Sample,
buy Humboldt–Universitat Zu Berlin fake diploma. buy a fake diploma from Germany

Prior to this, both European and American universities still followed the tradition of monastic education, focusing on training teachers, public officials or nobles, and paid less attention to research. Since then, Humboldt’s ideas have spread to Europe and the United States, and they have also become the target of imitation by many universities.

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