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How to make a fake diploma for a job


The current world of capitalism has made it extremely hard for people with actual talent to land a job. Unless you get a 14 or 16-year-education, and then work as an intern with almost no pay for companies, you will never get a nice job.

One such way to rebel against this unfair world of capitalism and be able to land a respectable job is to get a fake diploma.

How to make a fake diploma

We have compiled a simple guide on making a diploma for a job so you can understand everything you might want to know:

Materials needed

You will need at least four different materials for your fake diploma if you really want to make one yourself:

  • Card stock – a thick paper that is more durable than normal paper. You need it if you want your diploma to be durable and sturdy enough.
  • Parchment – unless you get card stock, you can get a parchment. Parchments have always been used for official documents. Although they might be a little expensive, they are worth it if you want to make it seem like you got a diploma from a well-established college.
  • Ink – you will obviously need ink if you really want to print something on the paper. Some diplomas are hand-written while most are printed. Some diplomas use a single color, while some others use multiple colors. You need to thoroughly think this through.
  • Embosses/Seals – you will need an authentic or at least something that looks as authentic as possible if you really want your diploma to land you a good job. You can either get them from a professional fake diploma website like https://www.fakeadiploma.com/ or make them yourself.

Getting started

After you have gathered yourself the ingredients needed for this guide on how to make a fake diploma for a job, you will want to set up your creation process. Here are two ways that you could get your diploma done:

  • Hand-written diploma – though very rare, some colleges and universities do still offer a hand-written diploma certificate in some parts of the world. You will need a very high-quality pen and the ability to trace through only images if you want to get your fake diploma created yourself.
  • Print your diploma – the other thing you could do is to print your diploma through computer software. Though many people use MS Paint for some reason, Photoshop will be the preferred choice. You can even find dedicated diploma creating tools on the internet.

After writing or printing the diploma with necessary details like the information of the school, signatures, your name, your degree & qualification – you will want to seal the deal with a high-quality emboss. Do note that seals usually last forever, so you might want to get this last part right.

Final Thoughts:

If you don’t want to go through all of this hassle on how to make a fake diploma for a job, you can get them at an affordable price with the highest-quality on https://www.fakeadiploma.com/.

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