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Northumbria University at Newcastle Fake Diploma
Northumbria University at Newcastle Fake Diploma
Copy the Northumbria University diploma online, Get Fake Northumbria University Degrees

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Northumbria University offers more than 200 undergraduate and graduate programs with five branches: the School of Art and Design; the School of Engineering, Science and Technology; the School of Health, Social Work and Education; the Academy of Social Sciences; Newcastle Business School.

Undergraduate major: (generally 3 years) Industrial Design, Fashion, Fashion Marketing, Graphic Design, Multimedia Design, 3D Design (Furniture and Decoration / Jewelry and Crafts), Transportation Design, Design Practice, Art History and Fine Arts, British and American Culture, English, English and Women’s Culture, English and Film, English and History, History, History and Politics, History and Sociology, Art History and History, Modern Art History, Design and Film, History and French, Art History and Informatics, Information And communication management, applied biology, applied life sciences, biomedicine, biomedicine and chemistry, chemistry, applied chemistry, environmental protection science, business computing, industrial computing, computing research, network computing, multimedia computing, applied business computing, mathematics, Mathematics and Business Administration, Mathematics and Statistics, Applied Physics, Optoelectronic Engineering, Computer and Network Technology, Engineering and Business Research, International Business and Technology, Product Design Technology, Communication and Electronic Engineering, Power and Electronic Engineering, Computer-Aided Engineering, Production Systems Engineering, Materials Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Machinery Meter and technology, electronic system design engineering.

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