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BOLTON is located in the northwest of England, adjacent to the port city of Liverpool and the international city of Manchester. Built-in 1253, it is a historic building capital with beautiful state-level ancient buildings, 600 of which are listed as characteristic buildings or history. Architecture is a veritable historical city. The internationally renowned enterprise REEBOK sporting goods, UNILEVER, originated from Bolton.

Bolton has beautiful villages and tourist attractions, including high-end shopping centres, entertainment and leisure venues, tree-lined plazas, and characteristic street performances. It is a city with a good reputation and full of vitality. In history, Bolton used to have a chimney, but since 1950, the local government has taken the lead in implementing a 40-year smoke-free plan, which has made Bolton at the forefront of environmental protection, and its parliament won the 2001 National Green Apple Award.

College undergraduate courses are as follows: art and design, photography and imaging, biology and environmental science, anthropology, business management, education, health and sociology, mathematics, philosophy, accounting, business and management, law, leisure, marketing, tourism management, automotive engineering and transportation technology, civil and environmental engineering, computer and network, construction and surveying, design and mechanical technology, electronic engineering, mechanical engineering, Internet communication and network, electronic and computer engineering, business information system, engineering basic programming, Textiles, Computer Science, Computer and Information Technology. Get fake University of Bolton diploma, buy fake University of Bolton degree certificate, get fake University of Bolton transcript.

The master’s programs of the college are as follows: Master of Business Administration (MBA), Human Resource Management

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