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How to Buy A Fake London Business School Degree Online?

Fake London Business School Degree

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In terms of the job market, the employment distribution of London business school graduates is also average and wide, roughly representing one-third of the financial and financial industry, management consulting industry and industrial industries.

In particular, since the London Business School students come from all over the world, many students are interested in staying in the UK after graduation. The British government has paid considerable attention to the contribution of high-tech overseas immigrants to the British economy, thus modifying the Ministry of the Interior.

In terms of employment, taking the full-time class graduated in 2012 as an example, in terms of employment, 76% of 116 graduates entered the financial field, 18% of the students entered the industry, and 6% of the students entered the consulting industry. Buy fake London Business School degree, Get the fake LBS diploma, buy fake London Business School transcript. 84% of students found a job before or within four months of graduation. In terms of graduation starting salary, the minimum basic salary is 13,308 GBP/year, the highest is 87,621 GBP/year, the average is 55,634 GBP/year, and the median is 54,376 GBP/year. In terms of employment location, 42% of people work in the UK, and the rest are located in Asia (35%), other European countries (18%), South America (7%), the United States and Canada (2%), and Africa (2%).

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