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Perth is the only capital city in Australia that has no time difference with China. Order a fake diploma in Australia university, how much for the ECU fake degree, where to buy Edith Cowan University fake transcript, get a fake certificate in a week. China Southern Airlines has opened a direct flight from Guangzhou to Perth, which takes only 8 hours. It is 2 hours less than flying to Sydney. With an exquisite art gallery, beautiful Ronest Island, stunning Swan Lake and cozy beaches, Perth is one of the cheapest cities in Australia with a price index of about 20% lower than Sydney or Melbourne.
The three campuses of the ECU are Joondalup, Mount Lawley and Bunbury. Each campus has a separate school building, and it is easier to find rental homes near the campus. The rent for a single room in the school is approximately AUD 197/week; for off-campus housing, the rent for a separate unfurnished one-bedroom is approximately AUD 120/week, the weekly rental for furniture is approximately AUD $150, and the cost of a homestay accommodation is approximately AUD 220/week (including room and board).

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