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How Do You Stay In The UK After You Get Your British Diploma?


As the world’s second-largest destination for studying abroad, many foreign students hope to intern or work in the UK after graduation, except for some students who can not get a diploma. Therefore, its visa policy has been concerned by many students. According to the latest data from the Cultural and Educational Department of the British Consulate in Guangzhou, more than 162,000 Chinese students studied at different levels in the UK in the academic year 2016/2017. Over the past five years, the number of British students studying in China has shown an upward trend. China accounts for 40% of global Tier4 visas, and higher education accounts for 45% of global visas.

At present, there is fierce competition for working visas to stay in Britain.
How can I intern or work in the UK after I graduate from the UK? Tang Zekun, general manager of Jinghong Education, said that since the cancellation of PSW in Britain in 2012, graduates can only work in the UK by obtaining a Tier2 visa or graduate entrepreneur visa, which are very competitive and difficult for many students to obtain. Of course, there is another way, that is, the qualification certificate network.

In order to introduce high-quality talents, the British government began to implement the Tier4 student visa pilot project in some British Universities – Cambridge University, Oxford University, Imperial College of Technology and Bass University in 2016. In 2017, 23 more British institutions of higher education joined the program. The Tier4 Student Visa Pilot Program is designed for international students who study for Master’s degree courses in the UK for no more than 13 months, simplifying the visa application process. Because participating universities need to be responsible for the qualification examination, students attending these universities can submit fewer materials when applying for visas. The pilot program also allows students to stay in the UK for no more than six months after graduation, providing more convenience for those who stay in the UK and continue their studies after graduation.

Tier4 ordinary student visas usually allow students to stay in Britain for one month, two months and four months after graduation, depending on the type and length of degree courses they attend. The Tier4 Student Visa Pilot Program extends the residence time to six months for master’s students, providing a more adequate buffer period for overseas students to apply for jobs, internships, participate in research projects or travel in the UK.

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