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Buy Hong Kong Baptist University Diplomas, 訂購香港浸會大學文憑

Hong kong Baptist University diploma, 香港浸會大學文憑

The predecessor of Hong Kong Baptist University was Hong Kong Baptist College founded in 1956. Buy Hong Kong Baptist University Diplomas, 訂購香港浸會大學文憑, 購買香港浸會大學畢業證,購買香港的文憑,Get Hong Kong Baptist University degree. buy Hong Kong Baptist University transcript. It was renamed Hong Kong Baptist College in 1972. The first president was Dr. Lin Zifeng. The monument was inscribed by a famous educator, calligrapher, writer, and Professor Han Jiaao of Tsinghua University . There are currently eight colleges in the university: the College of Liberal Arts, the College of Business Administration, the College of Chinese Medicine, the College of Communication, the College of Science, the College of Visual Arts, the College of Social Sciences, and the College of Continuing Education. The first six colleges offer more than 40 undergraduate majors and more than 30 advanced degree courses. As of 2019, the university has 851 full-time teaching staff, 865 part-time teaching staff, and more than 11,000 students. The School of Continuing Education offers associate, bachelor and master courses, as well as certificate/diploma and short-term further courses, with 50,000 students per year.

At the beginning of its establishment, the school only offered diploma courses for the Department of Foreign Literature, Sociology, Mathematics and Science, Civil Engineering and Business Administration. Since 1986, the college has offered degree courses. In November 1994, the Legislative Council passed relevant regulations, and the Hong Kong Baptist College was officially upgraded to a university, becoming one of the eight higher education institutions in Hong Kong that are funded by the Government University Grants Committee and can award degrees.

Since the establishment of Hong Kong Baptist University, a number of innovative courses have been added to cope with the development of Hong Kong society. The famous ones include communication, Chinese medicine, social work, human resource management and politics and international relations. The courses in China Studies, Sports Management, European Studies, Translation Studies and Humanities offered by HKBU are also the first in Hong Kong.

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