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Highline College fake diploma
Highline College fake diploma

How to make a Highline College fake diploma, order Highline College fake certificate, order a college fake diploma. Highline College is a public community college in Des Moines, Washington. Highline was founded in 1961 as the first community college in King County, Washington. The main campus covers 80 acres (320,000 m2). As of 2015, there were approximately 17,000 students and 350,000 alumni of the college.

Highline College was founded in 1961 as the first community college in King County. The current campus in Des Moines was built in 1964 with additional buildings added in following years to meet student and technology needs. The school was known as Highline College until 1967 when the Washington State Legislature passed the Community College Act of 1967, and the name became Highline Community College.

In June 2014, Highline’s board of trustees voted to change the name back to Highline College. Starting in the fall of 2014, Highline was approved to offer four Bachelor of Applied Science degree programs. Classes are also offered at the Marine Science and Technology (MaST) Center at Redondo Beach and additional service-area locations such as Burien and White Center.

The demographics of Highline are diverse due to both the local population and the acceptance of international students. As of 2019, 23% of all students were categorized as White, 20% are Asian, 1% are Pacific Islander, 20% African American, 12% Hispanic/Latino, less than 1% Native American, and 12% are multiracial.

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