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About Diploma Certificate, How important is higher education to human growth and development in today’s society?
The graduate tuto answered this question:
Later, Zhang even cried:
“The top 500 companies in the world tell you that education is not important, but they will never go to ordinary schools.” It sounds cruel, but it is a fact.
Some people say that today’s society attaches importance to ability and is no longer a qualification. In fact, education not only represents the current ability of this person, but also determines his future ability to some extent.
Regrettably, these statements are actually considered to be “education is not important” and “use of the university”.
Education affects interpersonal relationships
The era we live in is the most fair and unfair era.
It gives people in different industries the same respect and allows people with different qualifications to achieve satisfactory returns through hard work and hard work.
It must also be acknowledged that people with high academic qualifications will receive more returns.
Returning elite Andy keeps in touch with big boss, corporate legend Tan and group deputy secretary-general Bao Yifan. In contrast, Fan Shengmei and Xiao Wei are surrounded by ordinary office workers.
This is the difference between people, that is, the relationship between people.
Just like the fish in the river will never swim into the sea, you will know who is in that position.
The same is true around us. Fake Diploma Certificate Is Your Best Bet To Grow
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Those who graduated from high school and have ordinary families rarely have good friends who graduated from Tsinghua University because they are busy with more outstanding international students and doctoral students.
The so-called network is to find someone better than yourself, or at least someone with their own strength.
I have previously interviewed the founder of a domestic scooter brand. His undergraduate degree is the domestic 985 college. After two years of graduation, he was admitted to Tsinghua University and obtained an MBA.
Here, he met a group of successful entrepreneurs with similar interests, they learned about entrepreneurial considerations in class discussions and chats, and got the first venture capital from them.
When other entrepreneurs were busy selling products from house to house and often participating in various wine bureaus, Tsinghua graduates got the first pot of gold with the help of alumni.
I think of Taiwanese writer Yang Lan, who explained why everyone likes Eslite Bookstore:
“The core value of Eslite is not a book, not a book layout, not a bookstore design style, but a group of people.”
The “collectors” in famous schools will bring more power than the famous school aura.
The deeper meaning of the most overlooked higher education is that it uses the simplest and rude way, the choice of results, to bring together a group of equally outstanding people with different strengths, learn from each other, grow together, and share resources. ,Help each other.
Education will influence your choice
This is the personal experience of netizens:
After graduating from college, I worked for nearly a year. Because I want to leave home, I am ready to test civil servants, so I am preparing for the exam.
When I was going to register, I suddenly found that civil servants did not recruit a university degree. At that time, I was completely paralyzed. By looking at the application page, I first realized that I was crying.
When life is the most powerless, it is clear that he has prepared for the sprint, but found that he is not eligible to participate in the competition.
When many people scream “reading useless things”, people with low education have already felt the malice of society and the world.
Math teacher Shi Shen said something to students who didn’t want to take the test:
“I am teaching you now, but you are only enough to stand in a small part of the math world. If you don’t know where the entrance is, you can’t enter. I just want to check if you know, where do you know where the entrance is? ”
The same is true of education. Just like a pass, this gives us the opportunity to choose to reach another entrance and be allowed to enter.
In other words, the higher your education, the more opportunities you have.
People with lower academic qualifications, like the boys in the video, can only watch the opportunity slip away from his eyes:
The opposite male student listened to 985 college students and ordinary college students in the HR port and wanted to say some rebuttals, but what did they say?
At this time, he really understands:
It turns out that the so-called “university is the same” is the biggest lie in the world.
Think about the comments on Weibo:
“The HR department of a well-known company will cast a resume. Fake Diploma Certificate Is Your Best Bet To Grow.

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