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You can rest assured that you are fully protected against not receiving your product.  Under Section 75 of 1974, Consumer Credit Act card issuers and retailers take joint responsibility for faulty purchases. If you pay for something with a credit card which you do not receive, you can claim a refund from the card provider. Our solution is to ship your product via UPS with your signature required.  That way, you have confidence that you will receive your product and we have proof that you received your product. The picture below is the certificate we are going to send to the customer.
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Usually, we will send an electronic draft to the customer before making the finished product. If the customer is not satisfied, I will redesign it according to the customer's request until the customer is satisfied, so don't worry, we will complete the order very well.
We are a physical company that follows the principle that the customer is God. Once we receive the deposit from the customer, we will do our best to serve the customer. The customer is satisfied with our service, we can also get the balance payment, so we will not deceive the customer. Only by providing good service to customers can we bring more customers and bring us more benefits. You can see more the praise and feedback of our customers in the website faq. We promise to complete the design and production in about 3 days and send it to the customer within a week.

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