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Laurier University is one of the best and fastest-growing mid-sized universities in Canada, with more than 14,000 full-time students in the Waterloo and Banff campuses in Ontario. She offers high-quality undergraduate and postgraduate majors including liberal arts, business, education, science, social services, and music. Laurier’s campus environment is still growing and is known for its friendly and team-conscious campus atmosphere.

Every year, a large number of domestic and foreign students apply for admission, and the competition is fierce.
The University offers liberal arts colleges, science colleges, music colleges, education colleges, business and economics colleges. The business school is one of the largest and most prestigious business schools in Canada and the largest paid intern business school. In 1976, Laurier University was the first university to offer a paid internship in business in Canada. It is one of the first AACSB-certified Canadian business schools (up to now, 15 business schools in Canada have been accredited by AACSB and become their member schools). (The minimum weekly salary for paid internships is 700 Canadian dollars, and the percentage of Eighty-five students will stay in the internship unit after graduation and solve the problem of employment in the future.

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