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The University of the Pacific has three campuses in Stockton, Sacramento, San Francisco, California, and the picturesque campus of Stockton, with its picturesque campus. The city is located on the California Delta Waterway, so there are many water sports. These include jet-skiing, surfing and sailing. Stockton is located in northern California, adjacent to Lake Tahoe, Yosemite National Park and the Pacific Coast. It takes only one and a half hours to get to San Francisco and 90 minutes to San Jose and Napa Valley.

The University of the Pacific has 11 colleges and more than 80 undergraduate programs. The most popular majors and colleges are business school, engineering and computer school, music school, multimedia and actuarial science. School teachers have high-quality teaching levels, highly interactive teacher-student relationships and extensive extracurricular activities that develop students’ abilities and are a hallmark of Pacific University.

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