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The Queen’s University of Belfast offers a full range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses, including:
Agriculture and Food Science
Agricultural Economics and Management, Food Science and Technology, Microbiology, Zoology, Botany;
Aviation engineering, construction engineering, chemical engineering, chemical food engineering, chemical polymer engineering, civil engineering, civil engineering, electrical and electronic engineering, electronic software engineering, mechanical engineering, mechanical food engineering, manufacturing engineering, architecture, environmental planning engineering;
Humanities and social sciences
Literature, foreign languages, law, economics, accounting, finance, business and economics, management, business information management, music theory, music technology, education, psychology, politics, philosophy, history, anthropology, archaeology;
Computer science, mathematics, physics, geography, biochemistry, chemistry, marine biology, genetics, molecular biology;
Anatomy, dentistry, internal medicine, physiology, pharmacology, nursing.
The school offers medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, engineering, law, finance, information management, economics, social sciences, liberal arts, agriculture, food science, science, computer science and applications, geology, aeronautical engineering, chemical engineering, civil engineering, polymers. Scientific and engineering, electrical engineering, electronics, manufacturing engineering, mechanical engineering, optoelectronics, and other professional disciplines.


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