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Fake University of Southern California Diploma, Get USC Bachelor Degree

Fake University of Southern California Diploma
Fake University of Southern California Diploma

On March 2, 2004, the University of Southern California Engineering, where to buy the Fake University of Southern California Diploma, Get USC Bachelor Degree, buy the Fake University of Southern California transcript. which country provides the American University fake diploma certificate? led by Dean Max Nikias, was renamed the Andrew and Erna Viterbi School of Engineering to commemorate the founder of Qualcomm, Andrew Erna Viterbi, who donated $52 million to the school.

The gift was the largest in engineering history. The Viterbi School of Engineering continues to receive donations from all parties, including the USC Stevens Institute, founded by Silicon Valley capitalists Mark Stevens and Mary in 2004; Epstein Industrial Engineering in 2002 under the name of real estate entrepreneur Daniel J. Epstein In 2005, the John Mork family chief executive of the US Energy Corporation named the Mork family of chemical engineering and materials science; in 2005, the US company Wenruil chief executive Ken Klein established the Klein University engineering department;

In 2005, Ming Hsieh, the founder of Cogent Inc., who invented the fingerprint identification system, donated $35 million to the Xie Ming Electrical Machinery Department in 2006. This is a gift from a single department in history. The largest amount. Copy the original US university diploma, purchase a US high imitation diploma.
The University Park campus is located in the West Adams district of South Los Angeles, about 2 miles south of downtown Los Angeles. Campus borders from Jefferson Boulevard in the north and northeast, Figueroa Street in the southeast, and Exposition in the south

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