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The University of Hertfordshire now has more than 500 majors, offering bachelor’s, masters and doctoral degrees. It is a comprehensive national university and the University of Hertford now has more than 27,000 students, including from 100 More than 2,000 international students from many countries (about 700 Chinese students)

Honoured: It is one of the universities approved by the Queen of England and has won the Queen’s Award. It is one of the ten largest universities in the UK and is known as the “cradle of entrepreneurs and engineers” in the UK.

The University of Hertfordshire has 6 schools, namely the School of Innovation and Cultural Industries, the School of Business, the School of Engineering and Information Sciences, the School of Health and Human Sciences, the School of Humanities, Law and Education, and the Interdisciplinary School. Among them, environmental engineering has won excellent teaching and evaluation. Buy a fake diploma, buy a fake degree, buy fake certificate, buy fake transcript, buy University of Hertfordshire fake Bachelor degree, buy University of Hertfordshire fake Master degree, buy fake University of Hertfordshire doctor degree.

The University of Hertfordshire also has two basic courses, which are the overseas basic courses and overseas bridging courses. Among the majors most popular among Chinese students are International Foundation Studies, Accounting and Finance, Art Design, Business Administration, Business Information Systems, Management, Computer, Communication Technology, Economics, Education, Engineering (Automobile, Construction, Civil Engineering, Electronics, machinery, aviation and manufacturing systems, biology and environment), English, medical electronics, physiotherapy, psychology, nursing, radiology, sociology, law, tourism management, etc.

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