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The University of Science Malaysia is Malaysia’s top comprehensive research university with the most outstanding medicine, science and engineering. This is in line with its vision of becoming a world-class first-class institution of higher learning. From the perspectives of admission difficulty, social reputation, and school status, the Malaysian University of Science is recognized as the second-ranked and established school in Malaysia. The campus is large and beautiful, known as the Garden University of Asia. It consists of 3 campuses, the main campus (also known as the Minden campus) and the engineering campus are located in Penang Island, Penang and the mainland part of Penang, Gao Yuan. The third campus is a medical school, dental and health school in Malaysia. Kelantan on the east coast. The University of Science of Malaysia has 28 colleges, 26 research centers, 8 research platforms, and 10 service centers. buy fake diploma.

There are 28 colleges in the three campuses. The main campuses are: College of Arts, College of Biological Sciences, College of Communication, College of Chemical Science, College of Computer Science, College of Distance Education, College of Educational Research, School of Housing, Architecture and Planning, College of Humanities, School of Industrial Technology, School of Management, School of Mathematical Sciences, School of Medical Sciences, School of Physics, School of Social Sciences;

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