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Fake Temple University Diploma
Fake Temple University Diploma

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Temple University has a total of 300 degree programs, including 2 associate degree programs (horticulture and general subjects), 134 bachelor degree programs, 121 master degree programs, 56 doctoral degree programs, as well as in dentistry, law, 8 first professional degree programs in the fields of medicine, pharmacy and podiatry. There are also 10 certificate projects.

The school holds GLOBALIZATION TEMPE every year, which is a festival for every international student, faculty and staff. The University of Pennsylvania, Drexel University, and Temple University have frequent exchanges, not only the official academic research and education exchanges and cooperation, but also the intensive exchanges between students. The Chinese Student Associations of the three schools in the three places frequently hold activities to promote exchanges, such as the usual three-school Chinese basketball game, welcoming the New York consulate, and the three schools jointly organizing a Spring Festival party.

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