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ESIEE Paris diploma, ESIEE Paris certificate,
ESIEE Paris diploma, ESIEE Paris certificate,

Cost to make a fake ESIEE Paris diploma, buy ESIEE Paris certificate, order fake engineering diploma in France. Created in 1904 under the name of Ecole Breguet, ESIEE Paris has immediately distinguished itself as an engineering school focused on innovation and entrepreneurship. One of its most renowned former students is Marcel Dassault, founder of one of the very first industrial groups, the Dassault Aviation group. A more recent graduate, Yann LeCun, is behind the current artificial intelligence revolution. He invented the profound learning process and both founded and directed the Facebook laboratory for artificial intelligence.

ESIEE Paris was also recognized as the first engineering school from which French entrepreneurs graduated at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas. ESIEE PARIS IN FIGURES: 2 200 students 2 000 engineering students including 700 apprentices 480 graduates per year 11 000 active graduates 110 permanent research professors 1 engineering degree – 14 courses, 5 of which are apprenticeships 4 international master’s degrees nearly 100% of the rate of the occupational integration rate 41 050 € : average gross annual salary for France and abroad 120 PhD students and postdoctoral researchers 4 teaching and research departments 5 technological platforms 2 sites (Noisy-le-Grand and Cergy)

ESIEE Paris has its own Students’ Union, an association which links the students to administration, oversees clubs, organises events and generally acts as the central nervous system of the student body.

Founded in 1904, ESIEE Paris comprises 2 schools : ESIEE Engineering and ESIEE Management. ESIEE Paris offers Masters programmes taught in English* : a 2-year Masters degree in Engineering and a Master programme in Management.

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